#TeamAbelFit: Education, Sustainable Competition And Lifestyle Coaching

Comp prep

 You have decided to compete? This will be one of the hardest things you will do, but the MOST REWARDING!

All athletes should choose their coaches carefully.


I  work with athletes to bring their best to the stage while balancing and protecting health, hormones and metabolism.

There are many factors to a good coach from their relatability, the way they program to suit your lifestyle, the way they protect your health and hormones, instead of just using low calories, successfully reversing and replanning through to off-season. All this along with getting the success on stage with their clients is something I wish I saw more of in our industry. 

We are one of Australia's most successful natural competition prep teams. We have been prepping clients since 2015 with over 100+ 1st place competitors, including state and world titles, along with 10+ athletes winning Pro Cards. 

We pride ourselves on being there for every step of your competition journey on the good days and bad, from posing to tanning! 


Some of what we do