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Our Journey

Abel Fitness has helped thousands of clients reach their goals over the past TEN years. 


Abel Fitness Story



I created Abel Fitness in 2011.

I was brought up in the fitness industry. My father was a bodybuilder though the 90s and my mother, a fitness model and personal trainer.

Growing up, I was branded with clean eating habits and enjoying life though physical activity.

Strength and conditioning has become an exciting part of my every day life. I started to train in the gym when I was 16, trialling different programs, but didn’t really see many results. I started properly training at the age of 17, seeing great success in my transformation, and it motivated me to strive for personal and global success.

 I completed a Diploma of Fitness at Victoria University, where I learnt new skills and continued to deepen my knowledge of the fitness industry.

I live and breath fitness

We are passionate about what we do!

Abel Fitness is one of the largest and most competitive natural bodybuilding and personal training teams, with hundreds of lifestyle transformation success stories across the world.